What is a suitable gift for a kid nowadays?

One of the situations that cause the greatest dilemmas in my life, is when I have to choose birthday, wedding and Christmas gifts. I have to know the person very, very well, so I can choose something that I’m sure he would appreciate and be pleased with. But often this is not the case, and I am wandering in the shops, waiting for something to catch my eye.

Well, usually this scheme works fine, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make it run easier. I’m telling you all this, because of a birthday that I was invited with my son recently. The boy who had birthday was getting 6 and we had no idea what he would like.

Long ago for example, I would’ve liked a water shotgun or a small car, but today… gees, I feel as if the children have anything they ever wished too, and they are so satisfied that nothing can actually make them as happy.

We were wondering very much what the boy would like, when we stumbled on some child books in a bookshop. They were full of fairy tales and were very beautifully illustrated. We chose several with more male oriented topics and we bought them. The books were published by the publishing house of Svetlyo Kantardzhiev – New Media Group and I can definitely recommend them to you.

That present was pretty risky, but we thought that even if he didn’t like our gift, it was at least original and no one else would have bought the same thing. In the end, everything went fine and I think the kid appreciated the books, and his mother might even read them to him and/or teach him to read it by himself (he’s not that small now).


That was my story for today that has a moral – buy the present your heart tells you, despite the odds of the person liking it. And classic things like children books are something that never dies.

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